Accepted papers

Intelligent Channel Utilization Discovery in Drone to Drone Networks for Smart CitiesCanberk, Berk (Istanbul Technical University, Computer Engineering Dept.)
Feasibility and Design Trade-offs of Neural Network Accelerators Implemented on Reconfigurable HardwareDuong, Manh Quang (Le Quy Don Technical University); Trinh, Kien Quang  (Le Quy Don Technical University); Dao, Nga Thi (Le Quy Don Technical University); Nguyen, Phong Hong (Le Quy Don Technical University)
Deep Learning Based Hyperspectral Images Analysis for Shrimp Contaminated DetectionNguyen, Minh Hieu ; Nguyen, Huyen Thi Xuan (Hanoi University of Science and Technology); Pham, Cong Nguyen  (Hanoi University of Science and Technology); LĂŞ, Ngoc C (Hanoi University of Science and Technology); Han, Huy Dung  (Hanoi University of Science and Technology)
Building a Dynamic Predicted-Traffic-Congested-Discovery System to Resolve Chaotic Traffic SituationsNguyen, Ngoc-Thanh  (VNUHCM, University of Information Technology); Dao, Minh-Son (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology); Zettsu, Koji (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)
Adaptive Essential Matrix based Stereo Visual OdometryNguyen, Huu Hung  (Le Quy Don Technical University); Nguyen, Quang Thi  (Le Quy Don Technical University); Tran, Manh (Le Quy Don Technical University); Kim, Dong-Seong  (Kumoh National Institute of Technology)
Downlink Resource Sharing and Multi-tier Caching Selection Maximized Multicast Video Delivery Capacity in 5G Ultra-dense NetworksVo, Nguyen-Son (Duy Tan University, Vietnam); Phan, Thanh-Minh (Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport, Vietnam); Bui, Minh-Phung (Van Lang University, Vietnam); Tran, Quang-Nhat  (Van Lang University, Vietnam); Nguyen, Hien Minh (Duy Tan University, Vietnam); Masaracchia, Antonino  (Queen’s University Belfast, UK)
An Efficient Side Channel Attack Technique with Improved Correlation Power AnalysisDo, Ngoc Tuan (Le Quy Don Technical University); Hoang, Van-Phuc (Le Quy Don Technical University)
A Predictive System for IoTs Reconfiguration  Based on TensorFlow FrameworkNGUYEN-ANH, Tuan  (University of Information Technology – Vietnam National University at HCM City); LE-TRUNG, Quan (University of Information Technology – Vietnam National University at HCM City)
An Optimal Packet Assignment Algorithm for Multi-level Network Intrusion Detection SystemsDao, Thi-Nga (Le Quy Don Technical University); Le, Duc Van (Nanyang Technological University); Ta, Hieu Chi (Le Quy Don Technical University); Vu, Son Van (Le Quy Don Technical University)
An UAV and Distributed STBC for Wireless Relay Networks in Search and Rescue OperationsDiem, Cong Hoang (Department of Computer Networks, Faculty of Information Technology, Hanoi University of Mining and Geology (HUMG)); Fujii, Takeo  (The University of Electro-Communications)
An Attempt to Perform TCP ACK-Storm on Virtual and Docker NetworkThanh, Ta Minh (a); Tran Nam, Khanh  (Le Quy Don Technical University); Nguyen Kim, Thanh  (Le Quy Don Technical University)
Identification of Chicken Diseases using VGGNet and ResNet ModelsQuach Luyl, Da; Tran, Duc Chung (Co-Authors); Pham-Quoc, Nghi (Co-Authors); Fadzil Hassan, Mohd  (Co-Authors)
Estimations of Matching Layers Effects on Lens Antenna CharacteristicsPhan Van Hung (Le Quy Don Technical University), Dinh, Nguyen Quoc (Le Quy Don Technical University), Hoang Dinh Thuyen (Le Quy Don Technical University), Nguyen Tuan Hung (Le Quy Don Technical University), Le Minh Thuy (Hanoi University of Science and Technology), Le Trong Trung (Telecommunications University, Vietnam), and Yoshihide Yamada (Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology)
Identify aerodynamic derivatives of the airplane attitude channel using a spiking neural networkNGUYEN, QUANG  (Academy of Military Science and Technology); Khoa, Truong Dang (LQD); Dac, Hoang Minh (X); Thanh, Nguyen Duc
Privacy-Preserving for Web HostingHuynh, Tam Thanh (Posts & Telecommunications Institute, HCMC, Vietnam); Nguyen, Thuc Dinh (University of Science, HCMC, Vietnam); Nguyen, Nhung Thi Hong (University of Science, HCMC, Vietnam); Tan, Hanh  (Posts & Telecommunications Institute, HCMC, Vietnam)
An optimal eigenvalue-based decomposition approach for forest parameters retrieval over hilly forest areasPham, MinhNghia (Le Quy Don Technical University); Tan, Nguyen Ngoc (Le Quy Don Technical University)
An improved forest height inversion method using dual-polarization PolInSAR dataPham, MinhNghia (Le Quy Don Technical University); Huu, Cuong Thieu (Le Quy Don Technical University)
Distributed Watermarking for Cross-domain of Semantic Large Image DatabaseThanh, Ta Minh (Le Quy Don Technical University); Tai, Le Danh (Le Quy Don Technical University); Thang, Nguyen Kim (Le Quy Don Technical University)
Convolutional Neural Network-based DOA estimation Using Non-uniform Linear Array for Multipath ChannelsDoan, Van Sang (Kumoh National Institute of Technology); Huynh-The, Thien (Kumoh National Institute of Technology); Hoang, Van-Phuc (Le Quy Don Technical University); Kim, Dong Seong  (Kumoh National Institute of Technology)
A 3-stacked GaN HEMT Power Amplifier with Independently Biased TechniqueLuong, Duy Manh (Le Quy Don Technical University)
Depth Image Reconstruction using Low Rank and Total Variation RepresentationsTang, Van Ha (Le Quy Don Technical University); Nguyen, Mau Uyen (Le Quy Don Technical University)
Design and evaluation of the grid-connected solar power system at the stage of DC BUS with optimization of modulation frequency for performance improvementNguyen, Duc Minh ; Quach, Duc-Cuong (Hanoi University of Industry, Viet Nam); Nguyen, Ninh Quang (Institute of Energy Science – Viet Nam Academy of Science and Technology); Do, Y Nhu (Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, Viet Nam); Trinh, Chuong Trong (Hanoi University of Industry, Viet Nam)
Resolution-improvement of confocal fluorescence micros-copy via two different point spread functionsPham, MinhNghia; Hoang, XuanHoi (Le Quy Don Technical University); Le, VanNhu (Le Quy Don Technical University)
A modified localization technique for pinpointing a gunshot event using acoustic signalsTran, Thin Cong (Military Institute of Science and Technology); Bui, My Ngoc (Military Institute of Science and Technology); Nguyen, Hoang Huy (Le Quy Don Technical University)
Performance Analysis of Relay Selection on Cooperative Uplink NOMA Network with Wireless Power TransferNguyen Van, Long (; Truong, Truong  (Duy Tan University); Ha, Dac-Binh (Duy Tan University); Vo, Loc Tan (Pham Van Dong University); Yoonill, Lee (Purdue University Northwest)
A Novel Secure Protocol for Mobile Edge Computing Network applied Downlink NOMAHa, Dac-Binh (Duy Tan University); Truong, Truong Van (Duy Tan University); Ha, Duy-Hung  (VSB-Technical University of Ostrava)
Table Structure Recognition in Scanned Images using a Clustering MethodZucker, Arthur  (Sorbonne University, Polytech Sorbonne); Belkada, Younes  (Sorbonne University, Polytech Sorbonne); Vu, Hanh  (Viettel CyberSpace Center); Nguyen Van, Nam (Viettel Cyberspace Center; Thuyloi University); Nguyen Van, Nam (Thuyloi University); Nguyen-Ngoc, Doanh (Thuyloi University); Le Nguyen Tuan, Thanh (Thuyloi Univerisy); Do Van, Hai (Thuyloi Univeristy); Hoang Van, Dong  (Thuyloi University)