Accepted papers

Bayesian Model Selection for Consumer’s Organic Food Buying Intention in COVID-19 Pandemic

Advanced Joint Model for Vietnamese Intent Detection and Slot Tagging

Design of a smart disinfection and indirect measurement system for a mobile robot to support Covid-19 treatment hospitals

Throughput Optimization for NOMA Cognitive Radios with Multi-UAV Assisted Relay

Full-Duplex UAV Aided Communication in the Presence of Multiple Malicious Jammers

Design and performance evaluation of full-duplex relay node in LoRaWAN-based system

Rate Region and Achievable Rates of Full-Duplex Cognitive Radio NOMA Channels under Imperfect Spectrum Sensing

Histopathological Imaging Classification of Breast Tissue for Cancer Diagnosis Support Using Deep Learning Models

Optimising Maritime Big Data by K-means Clustering with Mapreduce Model

Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for Downlink Cellular Networks

Improving the control performance of jacking system of Jack-up Rig using self-adaptive Fuzzy controller based on Particle Swarm Optimization

Content Delivery From the Sky: Drone-Aided Load Balancing for Mobile-CDN

Impact of wireless backhaul and imperfect channel estimation on secure communication

QoS-aware Load Balancing Scheme in Dense Wi-Fi 6 WLANs

Navigation for two-wheeled differential mobile robot in the special environment

Stabilization controller design for differential mobile robot using Lyapunov function and Extended Kalman Filter

On Secrecy Analysis of UAV-enabled Relaying NOMA Systems with RF Energy Harvesting

Performance Analysis of Non-profiled Side Channel Attack Based on Multi-Layer Perceptron Using Significant Hamming Weight Labeling

Performance Analysis of RF Energy Harvesting NOMA Mobile Edge Computing in Multiple devices IIoT Networks

Performance Analysis of Intelligent Reflecting Surface-aided Mobile Edge Computing Network with Uplink NOMA Scheme

XR Platform: Applying a Constructive Learning Method in the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Anatomy Systems

Red-Light Running Violation Detection of Vehicles in video using Deep Learning methods

An Intelligent Edge System For Face Mask Recognition Application